Which metro stations have the most food meters?

Meters are set up in New York City’s subway system, Washington D.C.’s Metro stations and the Florida Metro system.

But, as the number of food meters in the U.S. continues to grow, there are more metro stations in the country that have meters that are installed in place of food vending machines.

The Metropolitan Transit Authority of New York said Wednesday that it has installed at least 11 meters in New Jersey, five in Pennsylvania, four in Florida and two in Virginia.

The stations, which are located on the West Side Highway in Manhattan, serve the New York metro area, New Jersey suburbs and the Washington, D..

C., area.

“There is an increasing need for food- and water-safe vending machines, so the MTA is adding meters in metro stations and also expanding our stations that have food-safe food service options,” the MTA said in a statement.

Metro stations in New Mexico and Utah also have food dispensers.

The Los Angeles-Long Beach Metro has a food dispenser.

Metro also added two food vending machine stations in Los Angeles, which have been installed by the Los Angeles Metropolitan Transit District, and the Atlanta Metro Transit Authority said Tuesday that it will install three more stations.

New York City is home to more than 500 food vending stations.

The number of vending machines in the New Jersey system rose to 15 from 11 in 2014, according to a report from the New England Journal of Medicine.

Meters also have been added in Philadelphia, New York and Seattle.

New York also has two new food dispensing machines, which the MTA says it is testing to see if they can reduce the number and size of vending machine vending machines by 50 percent.