‘This Is Us’ writer Jenji Kohan’s first ‘SNL’ interview: ‘It’s really difficult’

“I think that it’s difficult for them to talk about a job that they feel like they don’t have a job for.

But I do have a great respect for them because I’ve worked with them, I’ve been to their shows, I was there on set with them.

And I think they know that.

And it’s hard for me to have a voice for them, because they’re in a very difficult position,” Kohan says of her writing partner.

“And I think it’s a really difficult position.

I don’t know if it’s the show itself or if they’re just so busy that they don’ want to speak to me.

But it’s just that I can’t really talk about it.”

The news comes just one week after Kohan revealed that she would be stepping down from her role as executive producer of “This Is Not Us” in favor of her own show.

While she hasn’t confirmed her departure from “This is Us,” the series has previously announced that she will not be returning for its second season.

Kohan, a New Yorker, says she was approached by “This Are Us” creator Seth MacFarlane in February to direct a movie version of the show.

She is not expected to direct “This Time Around,” though the project is reportedly still in development.