The Mets may not have to pay Batty the $100K he was owed

New York Mets right fielder Chris Young was owed $100,000 by the team on Friday, according to multiple sources.

The Mets are owed Young $150,000 through the end of the season and $120,000 in the final two months of the year, according.

He was owed a base salary of $100 million over the life of the contract, according the Players Association.

According to a source with knowledge of the situation, the Mets would like to sign Young to a three-year contract that includes a base-salary of $120 million.

However, the source added that Young is still in the process of seeking a contract extension and that negotiations are ongoing.

The team could opt to use its $7.5 million in arbitration-eligible arbitration-receipts to pay Young the full amount, the sources said.

The sources said the Mets were considering paying Young a base of $70 million or $80 million, but they didn’t provide a specific number.

The report came as Young and the team were on a conference call on Thursday to discuss the possibility of extending his contract.

Young has had a disappointing season in the field and has been sidelined by a back injury that has limited his playing time.

The two sides have not discussed a contract since August, when the sides struck a one-year, $10 million contract that included $5 million for every home run he hit.