When will the first game use Google Maps?

A couple weeks ago, Google Maps announced its plans to use artificial intelligence to help users navigate.

The company plans to eventually have its own mapping platform that would allow users to search for locations and access a map.

The first game to use Google’s Maps API is a new indie game called The Great Gatsby. 

In the game, you play the role of a gilded socialite who moves from one town to another to find the next gilded rich guy.

The gilded billionaire is also your rival.

The game is a game of social positioning, so your goal is to stay out of the rich guy’s way and avoid getting into trouble with the law.

This new game isn’t going to have an easy time getting the Google Maps API to work properly, but the developers say it is an impressive first step. 

The developers of The Great Garden, which launched in late March, released an Alpha version of the game to Google Play and the Google Play Store in March, the developers wrote in a blog post.

The app’s developers plan to have the game available on the Google app store sometime in the coming weeks.

The developers said that the app’s API uses a technique called Bayesian inference, which is an approach that uses the power of deep learning to estimate the probability of different events based on data. 

“We found that Bayesian Bayes estimation gives us the most accurate estimate of the probability that the scenario is likely to occur in a given environment, while using only a small amount of data,” the developers said in their blog post about the Alpha version.

“In other words, it’s an efficient, general-purpose Bayesian algorithm that can estimate probabilities based on a large amount of information,” the developer added.

The Great Garden has an open-source version of its app available on GitHub. 

You can check out a video of the Alpha app here: