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The met art world is in for a massive shake-up this fall.

MetArt, a quarterly digital arts publication for women and artists, is moving to a digital format that will debut in September.

“MetArt has always been an outlet for women to showcase their artistry and talent, and it’s exciting to see this move as it helps us to better connect with our audience,” said MetArt co-founder and publisher Jennifer Nelis.

“We’re excited about the opportunity to share our art with a wider audience and continue to build a community.”

The magazine will be published through by The New York Times and the Los Angeles Times, along with online publisher New MetArt.

“The met art scene has seen significant growth in the past year, with the likes of the Dapper Laughs festival and the Met Gala attracting millions of fans and millions of views,” said Nelas.

“It’s also great to see MetArt taking a step toward a more inclusive future by publishing its inaugural issues exclusively through the new digital format.”

The first issue of MetArt will be available on the site, with new issues and a special edition of the magazine being released every two weeks.

“There’s nothing more satisfying than seeing the work of your peers, and the met art community is a place where we all get to share that,” Neles said.

“This new format will enable the met arts community to grow as much as possible and to continue to be a hub for artists in the met world.

We’re so excited to bring this amazing new publication to the world.”

MetArt has been publishing monthly for the past seven years, and will continue to publish digital editions of the monthly magazine.

“I’m thrilled that MetArt is taking the leap into the digital future,” said Art Director Jennifer F. Wetherill.

“With the introduction of this new format, we’re creating a more accessible, accessible magazine for women that we can all enjoy and enjoy together.

I’m confident that the met community will be delighted with what this new publication offers.”

Met Art’s first issue will also feature an art gallery showcasing work by artists who have been featured on the Met Art website, and a video gallery featuring some of the most talented artists and artists from the met scene.

“For me, it’s an opportunity to really connect with the met communities and engage in a discussion that’s never been done before,” said Wetheril.

“One of the reasons we’re excited to take the plunge into this new medium is because I believe it will help the met and the community connect and grow together.

It’s a new medium that will bring us together as a whole, and I look forward to connecting with other creators on the new format as we begin the journey of expanding the met space.”

Met art is known for its intimate exhibitions and art shows that are hosted by the community.

“Art in met spaces is often more than just the work itself, and we’re delighted to be able to provide an even deeper understanding of the art community as we work toward a better understanding of ourselves,” said F. B. Jones, President of Met Art.

“As the art world continues to grow, so does the met artist community, and MetArt Magazine is a great way for all to celebrate their talent and creativity.”

Metart Magazine is available on Amazon.

Met Art also has a website that will feature a series of interactive interviews with the artists, and can be found on the website.

“In addition to being an incredible publication for the art scene, MetArt also helps to empower women and artist to make their voices heard and to reach out to other artists and the wider met community,” said Erika Gertz, Vice President of Marketing at New Met Art, Inc. “Creating this magazine is a natural evolution for the community as it will bring a new level of access to women artists.

I am looking forward to being a part of this exciting new magazine, and looking forward for the future of met art.”