When the water meter breaks, it’s a free ticket to a new life as a rapper

A free water meter at the Gold Coast Music Festival is the first thing to go, as the city’s hip hop music scene has been reeling from the devastating floodwaters.

Key points: More than 700 people were rescued after being inundated in Brisbane’s south with the latest rainstorm A new mobile app has been launched in Brisbane that allows fans to track their water usage and save it for the futureA water meter has been installed at the Brisbane Gold Coast Festival, which has been closed since Friday A mobile app to track your water usage has been introduced at the popular Gold Coast music festival.

The new mobile application allows fans from all over the country to track water usage.

It is also the first step towards the city opening up water meters to those without a water meter.

The Brisbane Gold, Sunshine and Gold Coast Water Management Authority is a joint venture of Brisbane City Council and the City of Brisbane.

A number of the venues are also providing free water meters for festival-goers.

The city’s emergency management team was also inundated with calls over the weekend as people were forced to abandon their homes in the city.

It was the second major rainstorm to hit Brisbane in as many weeks.

In March, nearly 2,000 people were evacuated from Brisbane’s Riverland Park.

More than 2,300 were rescued and over 900 more were assessed as needing help in emergency accommodation.

There were also reports of flooding in the CBD and south of Brisbane, and a man was arrested after police found his car in a drainage ditch near Rivervale Park.