When the buddy meter is your friend

Bloomberg Businessweek’s buddy meter tool is a handy way to measure how well your friends are doing in the world.

And it can even give you a hint of your own health.

Read moreHere are the basics of the buddy system.

When you tap the meter, it shows how much energy you use in your daily activities.

Tap the meter again to end the workout, and it’ll show you how much you burn in the process.

The meter can also tell you how well you’re doing if you’ve been at your best or worst in a particular activity.

You can even check your progress through the buddy gauge by tapping the buddy icon at the top right corner of the meter.

This will display your progress at a glance.

There are a few options available on the buddy bar:Personalized buddy meter (tap the buddy button to access the buddy menu)Personal buddy (tap it to open the buddy settings)Personal Buddy (tap this to open buddy settings and see your friends’ profile)And when you tap one of these buttons, the buddy bars on your phones, tablets, or laptops will switch from showing your activity to showing your progress.

You can then tap the buddy icons to get started.

You’ll find these settings on every phone, tablet, or laptop, as well as on most fitness trackers.

It’s really just an app that lets you add a buddy meter.

The buddy meter uses an accelerometer, heart rate sensor, and a battery level indicator.

When you tap any of the three buttons, it will display a buddy bar at the bottom of the screen.

You won’t see the buddy meters on a device that’s not connected to the Internet.

You’ll need to get your buddy meter app to be on your phone or tablet and connect it to the internet.

The buddy meter can be used on a few devices.

Here’s how to set it up on an iPhone:1.

Open the buddy app on your device.2.

Tap on the “Add Friend” button.3.

Select “Personal Buddy” as the buddy type and tap “Add Buddy.”4.

Add a friend to your buddy list by tapping “Add Friends.”5.

To see the progress of your buddy, tap the “Buddy Status” button at the upper left.6.

To add your buddy to your list, tap “Buddies.”7.

Once you’re on the list, you can add a friend by tapping either the “My Friend” icon or the “New Friend” link.8.

If you’re not sure whether you want to add a new friend or add a previous friend, tap and hold on the friend to bring up a “New Friends” menu.9.

Tap your buddy and your buddy’s name, then tap “Done.”10.

Now you can check the status of your friend in the buddy notification bar.