How to use a blood oxygen meter in poetry

If you have never used one before, it is important to know how to use it.

The meter works by measuring your blood pressure.

It also shows the amount of oxygen in your blood.

The amount of blood that is in your body determines how much oxygen you have available in your muscles, bones and muscles.

The meter is a great way to know the level of your oxygen.

The oxygen is what your body needs to breathe and move around.

If you are at rest, the oxygen level will be high.

If there is any strain, the blood oxygen level should drop.

The red colour indicates when blood is getting into your muscles.

In the past, a blood-oxygen meter was the only tool you had to use to measure the blood levels in your lungs.

A few years ago, more and more poets have started using a blood meter in their poetry.

They also make a few adjustments.

The difference is that now the meter can tell the difference between two different levels of blood pressure, one that is high and one that may be low.

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