When did we get rid of our ‘No Pants’ signs?

There were many signs, signs that were supposed to tell women not to wear anything that might make them appear to be promiscuous.

And there was one, too.

When we saw that the sign on the side of the Toronto Maple Leafs jersey that said “No Pants” had been removed, we knew we had to do something about it.

The signs were there to make it clear that our team was an inclusive and welcoming place.

But they had also become a distraction, an opportunity for our city to see how far we could go.

As we watched the Leafs take on the New York Rangers in Game 5, we decided it was time to take back our signs and replace them with more inclusive messages.

The plan was to place them on the roadways and at hockey arenas.

The Leafs had to get rid at least one sign that was seen as being misogynistic and discriminatory.

We decided to put them on all our outdoor signs.

Our first outdoor sign we put up at the Rogers Centre was the one that says, “No Peeing.”

We’ve removed that sign from our website and our signage at Rogers Centre and the rest of the arenas.

It was a way to show that we are inclusive and welcome, we’re a city that has values that respect the right of all people to express themselves.

We didn’t want the signs to just stand there as a reminder of a time when it was acceptable to pee in public.

And our second sign we decided to remove was our sign that says “No Trolling.”

We wanted to get our message across that Toronto is not a place where we would tolerate bullying.

And so our message went out.

And by the time we got the signs, we had already replaced them with signs saying, “Free Speech,” “Don’t Shoot,” and “Free Your Mind.”

We had to take the signs down because we felt the signs had become a point of pride for the city.

The last sign that we removed was our outdoor sign that said, “Welcome to the Future.”

We made that change in order to give our supporters a way for them to feel welcome in our city.

We have seen this as a positive, positive thing to do.

It makes our fans feel more comfortable.

But I think it’s also something that we’ve lost sight of.

Our signs were a way of showing that Toronto has values and is a city where we do things for our citizens and that we value their rights to free speech.

We’ve lost the sense of pride that we had in our signs, and we lost our fans.

And when we took down our signs it made us feel like we were in a place that wasn’t welcoming to our fans, and that was hurting our cause.

But at the same time, I think we’ve gained a lot of support.

We got a lot more people on Twitter, a lot people on Facebook.

We started getting a lot positive feedback.

And I think that our fans are really excited to see the signs go.

The first sign that I saw at the rink was the sign that had the word “Piss.”

It was one of the first signs that I was really upset about, because I thought that it was a great sign for our community to be able to express their views and have their voices heard.

I think the fact that we have a sign saying “Free” and “Paid” is really exciting.

It shows that we want our community, our fans to be a part of our city and that they want to come out and support our city, and they want our city values to be upheld.

I’m excited about that.

I’ve heard the words “Free speech” and I think this is what we need to do to make sure we don’t let this one little sign, that one little thing, take away from what we’ve been building for a while now.

We were so excited when we heard that we were going to be putting these signs up at Rogers Place, so we were really proud to get it done.

But it also reminded me that the signs are not the end all be all of our message.

Our message has to be heard, and the city needs to hear it.

We want to hear from our fans and our supporters, and I know that we can all hear what we want to say and share it.

It’s up to us as our community and our city whether we listen to our voice and decide that our voices should be heard.

The next sign that will be on the way is our new sign at the BMO Centre that says: “A Place of Peace.”

That was a big deal to us, because it was going to show our community that we’re not going to sit here and tell them, “Well, we’ll just keep our signs up,” or “We’ll keep our doors closed.”

We want people to be welcome and have a place of peace in our community.

That’s the first sign, but we want people who are here to feel like they

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