Matt Harvey tweets his feelings about the Mets getting a win

Matt Harvey has been busy since the start of the season, and while he has not yet officially announced his starting rotation, he has posted tweets to express his excitement and excitement about his starting pitching staff.

Here is a snippet of the tweets he has sent.

The Mets are starting to feel like a team, Matt Harvey is excited about his rotation and team.

And for me personally, I am feeling like a part of it.

And I am looking forward to my new job in New York.

Harvey also made it clear that he wants to get the ball into his hands sooner rather than later, with his next scheduled start on Thursday night against the Brewers.

If the Mets are going to get another win tonight, they need to get him out of the rotation.

They need to give him a chance to get his mechanics under control.

Harvey had a rough start to the season and the Mets struggled to get out of their own way in their series against the Cubs and Yankees.

Harvey is hitting just .238 with three home runs and 18 RBIs in 30 games this season.

The pitcher has pitched well in his past three starts and has an ERA of 2.74 in those games, but it is likely that Harvey will be able to make up for that with some better control and some more strikeouts.

He is also having a good season on the mound, allowing just three runs on 17 hits in 16.2 innings.

The veteran righty has pitched at least seven innings in seven of his past eight starts, which would be an impressive stretch for the Mets, who have struggled to keep up with Harvey and other pitchers of similar talent.

The New York Mets are 4-3 in the NLDS and currently lead the Nationals in wins and home runs allowed.

The Dodgers have a game in hand, but the Mets can win that series by taking the series at home.