Google says it will remove the ability to change the power meter in Google Home devices

Google Home, a smart speaker, has been getting attention lately for its smart power meter.

The device, which works with Google’s Nest Learning thermostat, allows you to customize the temperature, display battery status, and more.

Today, Google announced a new feature for its Home devices that will enable you to control the power output of your Home devices, which includes your phone, Nest thermostats, and a smart TV.

“You can now control your Home Devices’ power,” a Google spokesperson told The Verge.

“The new feature will let you adjust the intensity of the power that the Home Devices are receiving from your Smart Devices.”

The new feature, dubbed the “power meter,” will allow you to set your Home device to change its temperature based on ambient temperature.

Google’s spokesperson went on to say that the new feature was made possible with support for the “new power meter.”

The feature works with all of the current Google Home models, including the Google Home Mini, Google Home and Google Home Pro, and the Google Assistant.

The company says it “has been working closely with the smart power measurement community to make this feature a universal feature across all of our devices.”

Google’s announcement comes just days after it announced that the company will no longer allow its Home and Assistant devices to change their power levels.

Google has said that it plans to roll out an update that will allow the power meters to work with the Google Search and Maps apps in the future.

Google Home’s Power Meter will be rolling out to all Google Home smart home devices this week.

The update will let users change the “intensity” of the Home’s power from a set amount to an ambient temperature (similar to what Nest uses), which will be a more accurate representation of how much energy your Home is actually consuming.

The feature will also allow users to control whether the power is turned on or off automatically.

Google says that it will roll out the feature to Home devices “in the coming weeks.”

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