Met with Mets Record, Record in April

A month after his first season as the New York Mets’ manager, John Farrell is setting new records.

On April 8, the Mets posted their best winning percentage in franchise history.

They had never won more than a single game in any calendar month since 2008.

They won six straight, tying a franchise record for consecutive weeks of winning, and the season was the longest in Mets history.

It also was the most wins in the franchise’s history.

In the second half, the team won four straight, setting a new record for winning percentage at the start of a season.

In the first half, they won six in a row, setting the franchise record.

The Mets went on to win the NL East, the National League East and the American League East.

This was a record that had been held by the New England Patriots for eight years.

The record of the Mets’ record-breaking season, however, is not the result of a single player.

Instead, it is a collective achievement.

The team went from a 1-19 record in the first month of the season in 2014 to a 4-5 record in April.

It had never done that before, and now it was the third-best record in franchise baseball history.

The first month was a turning point for Farrell.

He had made a concerted effort to rebuild the Mets from scratch, a task that involved a major trade, an expansion draft, and a huge payroll increase.

He also had to do it on the cheap.

The Mets had just over $80 million in payroll, which was the lowest in the majors.

That’s a lot of money, but it also meant that Farrell had to spend a lot on players, like outfielder David Wright and left-hander Trevor Rosenthal.

Farrell spent a good deal of time talking to the front office about how to get the team to where it needed to be, and he was able to achieve some pretty significant things.

The numbers speak for themselves.

The season was better than any previous season in the history of the franchise, the winning percentage went from .300 to .450 and the Mets had won the first five games of the month by a combined score of 13-3.

Faced with the prospect of a four-game losing streak, the franchise had to make some tough decisions.

The trade that sent David Wright to the Minnesota Twins for shortstop Trevor Rosenthal gave the team a better chance at contending.

The rebuilding process also required the Mets to spend more money, and they made some good decisions on players like Adam LaRoche and outfielder Carlos Beltran.

It also led to the first-ever trade of a first baseman in the modern era.

The biggest question mark in the Mets clubhouse is whether the team can be as good as it is right now.

The front office has made some strides to improve the team, but the core of the team remains very much the same.

And if the team isn’t able to stay at the top of the league, the front offices future prospects will take a hit.

Farnsworth, who was named the team’s manager on April 16, believes the team is capable of doing even better than the record-setting season.

But it will be up to the players and coaches to make sure the players do the right things to keep them in the race.

In his first two years in the role, Farrell has made changes to the team that have been very beneficial.

He has added players who are in the right spots, like slugger Travis d’Arnaud, and has brought in young talent.

But one area of focus Farrell has missed the most has been to get players who can compete on the field.

The team has had to give up on players who could contribute on defense, and this year’s draft class has proven that Farrell hasn’t had the patience to find these players.