World-renowned boxer, former WWE wrestler, tennis champion is the most popular athlete in the UK

Tennis icon Serena Williams has the most followers on Twitter of any athlete in Britain, according to data from the Twitter analytics firm Metacritic.

Williams, 36, is second in terms of total followers with 3.5 million.

She also has the fourth most followers per million tweets with about 2.2 million.

The tennis champion, who has won six Grand Slam singles titles and is ranked 11th in the world, also has second place in terms and follows behind former WWE star Bruno Sammartino, who follows in third place.

Williams is the biggest star on Twitter in Britain.

She has more than 3.2million followers.

She is followed by two tennis players, Venus Williams and Andy Murray.

They follow in third, behind former UK tennis player Nick Kyrgios.

But Williams is the third biggest star of the UK’s sports-focused Twitter network, behind tennis stars Andy Murray and Serena.

Williams’s followers also include two professional athletes.

The former British Open champion Maria Sharapova, who plays for Russia’s women’s team, is the fifth most followed athlete on Twitter with about 862,000 followers.

But it is tennis legend Andy Murray, who also won four British singles titles, who is the top dog in terms or followers per minute on Twitter.

Murray, 37, has about 3.3 million followers and he follows five other tennis players.

The world number one has a strong following of more than 2.6 million.

In terms of daily tweet followers, he follows three professional athletes, two professional tennis players and two professional footballers.