‘I was scared’: How I felt when I heard that the Met would play the Cubs World Series

I was in my hometown of Chicago in early October when my friend was sitting with me on the steps of a high school football field when the game started.

The lights dimmed and the game was over.

I was watching as the Cubs defeated the Angels 7-4 in front of an estimated crowd of 13,000.

I looked at my friend and asked, “Are we going to be able to get into the stadium?”

She responded, “Of course.”

The experience was so special that I didn’t know what to expect.

We had already been talking about it, and we had all the tickets we could.

I had a small ticket in my wallet that I thought might be okay, but after we sat down in the stands to eat lunch I realized I didn.

I quickly checked the Met’s website, and there it was: The Cubs would be playing the Tigers in the World Series.

I immediately texted my friends in my group, and everyone was happy to know that this was the plan.

I had no idea how good the game would be until I went to see it.

The game was packed, but the crowd wasn’t.

In fact, the game had only been sold out for six games in Chicago, but I saw the excitement and excitement of the fans.

I didn, however, expect the crowd to be as packed as it was.

The game was on the big screen, so the crowd was able to see the game, and the Tigers scored five runs in the first inning.

That was just one of many great plays by the Tigers to start the game.

The lineup consisted of right-handed pitcher Joe Nathan, right-hand hitter Carlos Gomez, right fielder Josh Donaldson, left-handed pitchers David Price and Mike Minor, and outfielder Anthony Rizzo.

The Tigers scored three runs in one inning, which was good enough for a run that gave the Tigers the lead.

The next three runs were all scored on singles by the Cubs, and three more in the third inning when Corey Seager and Jhonny Peralta singled.

The third inning ended with a pinch-hit single by Anthony Rios.

The Tigers scored their first run of the game in the fourth inning when they scored two on singles from Rios and Ryan Schimpf.

The Cubs scored five in the fifth inning, and then the Tigers got a run back on their own in the sixth inning with a run scored on an error by Peraltea.

The run scored by Parnell earned the Tigers a run and the team would score two more runs in a span of 4:15 to tie the game at 2.

The final run of that inning was scored by Price, and he also added a two-run double.

The first run scored was scored on a sacrifice fly by Donaldson.

The home run by Price also gave the team a lead.

The first run that scored the Tigers was a sacrifice by Donaldsson to start a double play.

That lead lasted about 3:00, and with just a couple of outs in the inning the Tigers would score three more runs to take a 6-2 lead.

I couldn’t believe how quickly that run started and how it went on.

I felt the same way, too.

I wanted to scream and cheer and yell as the Tigers took the lead, but that wasn’t going to happen.

The fans were cheering the entire time, but it was all in vain.

The second run scored for the Tigers on a single by Rios, but another sacrifice by Price put the Tigers ahead, 5-4.

The inning ended in a tie.

The Cubs scored a run in the eighth inning, but one of those runs was a walk.

The other run was scored in the ninth inning, when Rios scored his fifth home run of his career to give the Tigers their second run of game.

That single led to a two run double play that gave Detroit a 7-5 lead.

That score would give the Cubs a lead of 10-4 and put the game away.

The last run was a single, but a sacrifice bunt by Riolu was called back by the umpires and the run scored the Cubs.

The next day, the Tigers made a trip to Milwaukee to play the Brewers.

I wasn’t in the mood to celebrate the win, so I sat down and watched the game on my iPad.

It was a great game, but when I got home I was just as nervous as everyone else.

I texted my friend in my local baseball community, who had been in the game the previous day, and she told me that she thought the game might have been better had the Cubs won.

She also said that she didn’t think the game played the way it should, and that I should have been worried.

I was wrong.

The team that had won the World series was a different team than the

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