A blush meme is trending on social media as fans respond to a controversial

article on the topic article updated January 20, 2018 07:45:05The hashtag #blushmetemo has been trending on Twitter for a few days.

A new video has been posted showing the meme being used by fans to react to a recent article on The Huffington Post, which is written by a former intern who claims to have witnessed sexual harassment on the job.

“I was on my first day in this office, and I was talking to a woman who was supposed to be the manager,” wrote the former intern in the video.

“And she said, ‘Look, I’ll let you know when you get to the next level.’

She said, You can’t tell me I can’t do my job.

You can only tell me that I can do my work and do it better.'”

The Huffington Post did not immediately respond to ABC News’ request for comment on the meme, which has since been deleted from its website.

“This is what happens when you’re on a job, when you are not supposed to,” the woman in the new video continues.

“If I can, I can go out and talk to you.

And I’m going to go out there and talk about my experiences, and my feelings about it.

And if I can talk about it, I’m gonna do that.

But I have to do it with the person, because they can’t just sit back and listen.

So, if you want to talk about something, you have to be there.”

The Huffington post is a nonprofit news and opinion website, founded by former Huffington Post Executive Editor Arianna Huffington.

It’s home to a diverse, and often controversial, range of content, including stories on political and social issues, personal health, fashion, music, politics, and the arts.

The Huffington article, written by the former Intern, claims that several women have complained to the company about sexual harassment by a senior HR representative.

One former employee alleges that the HR representative pressured her to engage in sexual contact.

The HR rep also claimed that he “didn’t like me” for complaining.

The former intern’s account also says that her former HR rep forced her to kiss another employee, even though she was wearing a bra and underwear.

She also alleges that she was pressured to take off her underwear in front of other women in a company bathroom.

On February 10, HuffPost published a follow-up article that described some of the allegations in the previous article, which had been published on The New York Times website.

The article, entitled “HuffPost’s ‘Blush Metemo’ Meme,” said that a former HR employee was fired after she filed a complaint with HR and the company, which was investigated by HR.

The company has not responded to ABC news’ request to comment on whether it has fired the former HR worker, but a spokesperson did say that the company has launched an internal investigation.

At the time of the Huffington Post article’s publication, The Huffington post was a #1 trending topic on Twitter.

This is not the first time a meme has been used in an article on social networks to express outrage about a news article.

In December, #blahmetemo was trending on Instagram, while in August, #blackmetemo and #blacksexememo were trending on Snapchat.

Earlier this month, #Blahmetememensword was trending among users on Reddit.

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